Scent Assassin New Formula Body Wash and Shampoo – Unscented – 16oz – Hunting Soap – Scent Free Body Wash – Hunting Scent Eliminator – Scent Away for Hunting and Camping


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Forget the wind. Hunt anytime, anywhere…

SA Hat with Hunter and TruckSA Hat with Hunter and Truck

Scent Assassin’s CELL SNIPER formulation was specifically developed to prevent the growth of odor-causing agents on the clothing and skin of hunters. These agents naturally form a biofilm which results in the individual organisms having increased resistance to odor-causing elements. The first inhibiting component in the CELL SNIPER formulation destroys the odor. The second component targets and prevents the formation of biofilms. The third component contains long-lasting inhibiting agents that last not hours, but days. In simple terms, we flat-out destroy odor.

Our Natural Environment Scent Technology is made from 100% ALL-NATURAL plant matter. Our specially designed process combines essential oils and a few ingredients to create the world’s most natural earth cover scent.

Why is Scent Assassin the choice of pros? That’s a simple answer. Lab studies prove that Scent Assassin CELL SNIPER TECHNOLOGY not only attacks and destroys odor-causing organisms, but also inhibits the growth days after the initial application. This allows you to hunt with the confidence of multi-day protection on your apparel and gear.

Steps to Scent Elimination….

SA Laundry with Hat

SA Laundry with Hat

Hunter washing hair with truck

Hunter washing hair with truck

Shampoo apllication

Shampoo apllication

Hunter with Body Spray

Hunter with Body Spray

Wash your Hunting Clothes with Scent Assassin Unscented Laundry Detergent

Scent Assassin Laundry Detergent contains ingredients that completely destroy odors and attack hard to remove stains. Our formula is Carbon Clothing and High-Efficiency Washer friendly. Just pour and watch your odors and stains disappear. Concentrated formula.

Wash your hair and body with Scent Assassin Body Wash and Shampoo

Scent Assassin’s ALL-NATURAL formula with CELL SNIPER TECHNOLOGY not only leaves you completely scent-free but also leaves your body and hair squeaky clean and hydrated. Unleash your inner assassin by taking away the one thing that big game rely on, their nose.

Condition with Scent Assassin Conditioner

Scent Assassin’s ALL-NATURAL formula, infused with antioxidant-rich Argan Oil and Vitamin E, deeply hydrates and restores your hair to its natural beauty and shine while keeping your hair scent-free and looking great.

Apply Scent Assassin Scent Elimination Spray

Scent Assassin set out to create an effective scent elimination spray. Our Patent Pending ALL-NATURAL Formula destroys human scent at the source using CELL SNIPER TECHNOLOGY that attacks odor-causing agents. Our UV Blaster additive destroys any ultraviolet brighteners your hunting detergent may have missed.

SA Spray with HunterSA Spray with Hunter

Made for hunters by hunters. Scent Assassin’s humble beginnings…

We haven’t always been the Scent Eliminating juggernaut we are today. During the Fall of 2017, we found a product that BLEW US AWAY! On our first hunt using the product, we were amazed the deer COULD NOT SMELL US! We killed a doe at 10 yards downwind, which cemented our allegiance to this new scent elimination spray. Hunting became easier! A few months later, we contacted the supplier and learned the scent elimination sprays were created as a trial, but the product would not continue. We acquired the product and Scent Assassin was born, with improvements. The rest is history? Not exactly. What about all the odors we pick up and create before we get to the field? We developed an unscented laundry detergent and a body wash and shampoo to get you to the field as scent-free as possible. Our goal is to help hunters reduce their odor with high-quality products. These are not only products we develop and sell, but products we use every time we go into the woods.

NO MORE ODOR – Go undetected when hunting with our 16oz scent away for hunting odor eliminator shampoo and body wash.
SCENT FREE – Come out of the shower completely scent-free with your body and hair squeaky clean and hydrated. Our scent eliminator for hunting body wash and shampoo’s CELL SNIPER formulation prevents the growth of odor-causing agents on the skin of hunters.
100% NATURAL – We use all-natural ingredients in all of our products.
PERFECT HUNTING GIFT – This serves as the perfect scent control hunting or camping gift for men. They will finally be able to hunt with our scent masking body wash and shampoo without being detected by animals!
MADE IN USA – All of our Scent Assassin scent blocker products are proudly made in America.

Scent Assassin New Formula Body Wash and Shampoo – Unscented – 16oz – Hunting Soap – Scent Free Body Wash – Hunting Scent Eliminator – Scent Away for Hunting and Camping
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