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iHunt XSB Electronic Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo, EDIHXSB, FREE App with 750 Game Calls, Compact Rugged Design


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Product Description

Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice the iHunt XSB Game Call is perfect for you. The all-season iHunt XSB Bluetooth Speaker was designed to be affordable and optimized to work with the iHunt mobile App for both Android and iPhone. The App and speaker combination are one of the most flexible electronic game calls on the market. The wireless speaker is portable, easily fits into a backpack when afield and is easy to set up on the ground or hang from a tree branch. The iHunt XSB Bluetooth Speaker is an industry leading loud 105-decibel speaker that game can hear from long distances or can be adjusted to a soft call to draw the game in closer for that perfect kill shot. Operates on 4 standard AA batteries that can power the speaker up to 50 hours of continuous. Comes with a 90-day electronic manufacturer’s warranty.
With the iHunt mobile App, you are not limited to one hunting season or species, you will have over 59 species and 750 calls for just about every season. When you purchase the speaker all the calls from the iHunt mobile App are unlocked for FREE, no more carrying multiple hunting calls. Control the speaker volume and select calls with your phone out to 50 yards; of course, this can vary based on the “line of sight” from your phone to the speaker.
iHunt App is not just an ordinary game call App hosting 750 calls but it is much more.

  • Everything you need from planning, to hunting, recording your success with photos and a journal are included in the iHunt mobile app
  • Playlists – Create a game call playlist of a series of calls to create a more enticing way to lure your prey in.
  • Solunar Times – Know when the best time wildlife is active, know when the sun rises and sets, when the moon rises/sets and how many laminations the moon will provide.
  • Activity Log – Create a log of your hunting activities with GPS coordinates or locations on a map, add photos of a location and scouting notes.
  • Weather Forecast – Always know how to dress for your hunt with the built-in weather forecast and wind direction.
  • Share – Share your pictures of your trophies with the iHunt community directly from the App or check out other hunters’ trophies.

AFFORDABLE – The iHunt XSB Game Call App & Bluetooth Speaker Combo (EDIHXSB) delivers more call for less money. Not only are you getting an App with 750 calls but helpful: Solunar Times, Activity Log, GPS locator, weather forecast and more.
SOUND QUALITY – The iHunt XSB Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo delivers crystal clear animal sounds for the avid animal watcher or hunter. The iHunt App has over a million downloads and many thousands user success photos.
EASY TO USE – Perfect for the expert or beginner, no complicated programming is needed to operate this unit. The unique playlist features to let you set up your sequence before going to the field.
RUGGED SPEAKER – Built for the outdoors with weather resistant construction, shock resistant speakers, and quality circuitry. Hang the speaker from a tree or camouflage on the ground the loud mini speaker will do the rest.
WIDE RANGE OF ANIMALS – At the tip of your fingers you’ll have 59 species of animals and 750 individual calls all controlled by your Android or iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. Create call playlists without a computer or downloads.
SIMPLE OPERATION – Just download the App with the free download code, unlock the calls, turn on your speaker and connect your phone by Bluetooth, set your speaker up to 50 yards away and start hunting.
*Bluetooth needs to be in the line of sight to your speaker and it helps to get your speaker off the ground for a reliable connection.

iHunt XSB Electronic Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo, EDIHXSB, FREE App with 750 Game Calls, Compact Rugged Design
iHunt XSB Electronic Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo, EDIHXSB, FREE App with 750 Game Calls, Compact Rugged Design


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