HILASON Large Body Protection Police Dog Training Bite Suit Pant


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NOTE:This listing is for a Pant only. Please check our other listing for the matching jacket or ask us for more information.Attachment: Hook and Loop fastner System For Quick Opening.Features: Flexible, Sturdy, Strong, And Middle-Weight.Purpose: Police And Protection Dog Training (All Breeds)This is a large Size. It has a lot of adjustments. It will fit a person from size 5 feet 8 inch to 6 feet 4 inches.Hilason Bite Suit have set an industry standard in the dog training world. It is known for its mobility and comfort, in addition to its protection. Our suits are tested for every little detail that needs attention according to its usage. It is tested for its components at every step until its completion to a finished bite suit.The top layer of the Suit is a Specially French Linen Fabric, that is specifically made to endure dog bites. The base of the suit is multi layers of High Quality Pressed Wool Numnah that is strategically placed on the suit and has various thickness and density depending on the requirement of that part of the suit. The lining is a Durable Polyester fabric for easy in and out. Some of the basic features of the suit is Full protection, flexibility, durability, bite-capable, comfort and protection.These bite suits are perfect for Ringsport or maintaining your trained dogs. It may also be used for medium intensity K-9 training or pre-trained K-9 practice too.
Color: Blue
Exterior: Specially Manufactured French Linen for Dog Bite Suits.

HILASON Large Body Protection Police Dog Training Bite Suit Pant
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