DogBone Shed Dog Training System to Train Your Shed Dog


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DogBone Lifestyle ImageDogBone Lifestyle Image

DogBone Leaders in Training

DogBone Leaders in TrainingDogBone Leaders in Training

It’s obvious to see that Jeremy leads with his heart and loves connecting with people. He offers a unique perspective to training and explains how he raises dogs by building lessons into everyday life. He teaches handlers to build connection and trust with their loyal sidekicks through incremental and progressive steps. For maximum accessibility he shares his knowledge, passion and experience on all social media platforms & the company website.

How did we get our start?

Jeremy Moore has been training dogs professionally since 2003. He founded DogBone in 2009 and has been developing training products and sharing content with the world ever since.

Why do we love what we do?

DogBone is built on the love of family and outdoor adventure. We exist to elevate every member of your pack by building confidence and connection; DogBone is about so much more than just dogs.

What keeps us going?

The love of the outdoors, the love of hunting and the love of training dogs. We work tirelessly to expand this love and training wisdom into every household.

Complete Training System – Created by DogBone to teach you how to train your dog of any age or breed to find and retrieve deer antler sheds through a proven incremental method
Training Manual – Includes informational training booklet complete with instructions, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to free training resources and videos
White Antler Dummy – Conditions your dog to a realistic shed look, color and shape and is made of flexible, durable material that is safe for soft mouthed dogs
Antler Scent – 2 oz bottle of AntlerScent designed as a training tool for a progressive approach to training your shed dog to use its nose to cover more ground and find more sheds
Proudly made in the USA – Every DogBone product is crafted right here in the United States to ensure unmatched quality and reliability

DogBone Shed Dog Training System to Train Your Shed Dog
DogBone Shed Dog Training System to Train Your Shed Dog
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