D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Body Wash & Shampoo, 12 fl oz


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In the woods, the slightest whiff could give away your position and ruin your shot at glory. Conceal yourself, even before leaving the house, by showering with the Code Blue D/Code 12 fl. oz. Scent Elimination Body Wash and Shampoo. The all-natural formula uses patented technology, which employs medical-grade particles to wipe out odor and mask your natural scent, so you can track game with confidence. Made with aloe, the body wash and shampoo provides a soothing and moisturizing feel without a fragrance, which allows you to approach and claim your trophy.
The patented formula eliminates human scent to hide your presence in the field
D/CODE found to be effective in eliminating existing human scent and stops human scent from growing, so your scent will remain camouflaged
The body wash and shampoo has been carefully crafted to deliver a thorough cleansing for head-to-toe scent suppression, while staying gentle for everyday use
With the addition of aloe, your skin will feel soft and moisturized long after the sun rises on your hunting excursion
D/CODE unscented body wash and shampoo is produced without harsh chemicals, for a natural fit out in the Woods

D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Body Wash & Shampoo, 12 fl oz
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