CINNAMON TEAL PUPPY Training Dummy Hunting Dog ~ T300 ~ NEW


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Let me take this time to say thank you to all of our loyal customers and welcome those new to Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. Since 1995 it has been our privilege to bring to you the very finest in dog training products and accessories the market has to offer. After developing the first Dokken’s DeadFowl Trainer our goal has not wavered: to provide a no-nonsense cost-effective approach to developing products that make each and every aspect of the dog training experience easier, effective and more enjoyable. Our research and development success is the result of over thirty years of dog training at the largest training facility in the upper half of the United States. After working with thousands of dogs and their owner/handlers you could say that in this case – necessity is the mother-of-all inventions. Our methods and products are proven and have stood the test of time. We depend on the products we develop day-in-day-out in every condition and scenario imaginable to find what doesn’t work and more importantly what does. As the result of those years of experience we are tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to provide you with the best possible dog training products and accessories available.
Good size to use with Retriever puppies and smaller breed dogs to teach proper retrieving techniques
The hard head and legs will encourage puppies to hold the Dead Fowl Trainer in the middle creating a proper hold
Free swinging hard plastic head and feet plus natural dead bird weight encourage a proper pickup and hold while discouraging the shaking of birds
Injectable training scents available for added realism
Not a precise replica in size and weight

CINNAMON TEAL PUPPY Training Dummy Hunting Dog ~ T300 ~ NEW
CINNAMON TEAL PUPPY Training Dummy Hunting Dog ~ T300 ~ NEW
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